Three Reasons to Use a Paper Planner

Three Reasons to Use a Paper Planner

1. Write and Remember

Studies have shown that we remember things better if we write them down and see it on paper. Using these extra senses of touch and sight builds the memory's ability to recall needed information. Feeling the pen and seeing the words on paper not only builds a stronger memory but can also reduce stress levels and increase productivity. The ability to write things down and get them out of our current thinking process reduces our worries and allows us to focus on enjoying the moment we are in.  


2. See the Big Picture

Writing a schedule down on paper allows for a big view of the day, week, or month. The view can include all of the appointments, reminders, menus, deadlines, etc. that need to fit into that time period. When you can see the big picture, it is easier to put the schedule puzzle together. Budget time for work, family, friends, home, service, hobbies, projects, and play.  


3.  Customize How You Live, Think, and Work 

Electronic planners and phones have amazing abilities to remind us of appointments and schedules; however, they may not cover all the bases. Paper planners allow us to include more information, see that information in different forms, and add elements like journals, project planners, etc. - all in one place.  Whether you keep your planner with you at all times or just look at it once a day, working with a written schedule can help to better balance your time.