Calm the Chaos

Get ready to organize and simplify your life. 


No one likes struggling to get it all done.  

Simplify your routines, organize your schedule, and have more time for those things that you love. 

Chore and Calendar Magnets



We have tools that can help get the chores done.

35,000 products created and shipped to 18,000 happier households in 33 countries around the world

Chore Charts

Designed for practicing life skills. 
durable + environmentally friendly + flexible.
High quality materials and workmanship
to hold up to the rigors of family life.


Over 200 options to choose from
Easily see what needs to be done.
Art is hand drawn and professionally printed
to create a durable finish,


Looking for the perfect planner?
Create your own.
  Choose from several elements and build a planner or notebook,
exactly how you want it.  

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