5 Reasons to Give your Kids Chores


Sometimes talking the kids into helping out around the house is harder than just getting the chores done yourself, but the payoff is greater that you might think.  Here are five great reasons to enlist your kids in tackling the family to-do list.    


It is said that a family that plays together, stays together.  Well, it turns out that working together may be even more effective.  Having a common goal, completing a big task or competing against the dust bunnies in life creates a family bond that fun only wishes it could do.   Being a team player helps all of us feel needed, talented, and accomplished.  Recruit your kids to your team. 

Warning: As with all team-building activities, don’t forgo the fun or the magic of teamwork will disappear. 


Children will most likely say that playtime or recess is their favorite time at school but after they complete a tough task, the smile on their face may beg to differ.  Although work can seem boring, overwhelming, or useless to kids (okay, sometimes to all of us), it is what impassions life.  It gives a release from frustration and anger, it provides a powerful source of self-respect, and it leads to the greatest joys we will ever find.  So share the power of work with the little ones near you. 


The first day on a job is an anxious time for anyone but useful training can ease the discomfort.  Those just starting out like to understand what is expected, learn the skills required and be given a chance to practice.  As all little people will eventually become big people, show em’ your skills and give them opportunities to do the job.  Let them apprentice for their future role as happy, confident, adults by showing them how work works.   


Want a great opportunity to have a conversation with your child? Or better yet, a conversation that blossoms into a little life lesson?   There is no greater opportunity than chore time.  There is something about washing windows or folding laundry together that lulls us and our kids into -get this!- actually sharing their thoughts, feelings and ideas.  It’s amazing!


Family life is busy life, which on many occasions melts into sheer and utter chaos.  In order to get everything done, it is going to take everyone.  Use your resources wisely.  Divide and conquer.  Enlist the troupes.  As you all work together for the common good of a cleaner, more organized home you will find that it is also a more peaceful and happy place to be.