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As the original designers of the oversized wood ruler growth chart -which has become far more popular than we ever imagined- we offer the highest quality kit to help you create an amazing wood growth chart of your own.   You can create the wood chart using this vinyl decal kit and wood from your local home improvement or hardware store.  The decal can also be applied directly to the wall. 

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Color Options

Growth chart decals are available in four different color options:  

Black, Matte Black, White, and Matte White.

White looks great on dark-colored surfaces, while the black works well for light-colored surfaces.  However, the great part about a DIY project is that it's really up to you.  

The differences between the regular and matte finishes are very slight, and are difficult to show in pictures (but we took a shot at it).  The regular has a bit of a sheen while the matte is completely flat.  Both are great options, but the matte may be the best option if you are going for a vintage or painted-on look.


If the surface you are putting the decal on isn't necessarily dark or light, you can choose depending on what you prefer.  

Black Inches Decal

Black Inches Decal

Matte White Inches Decal

Matte White Inches Decal


Measurement Options

Decals are available in inches or centimeters or both. 


Pictured Left:  Inches Decal (left side)

Pictured Center:  Combination Decal (Inches and Centimeters)

Pictured Right:  Centimeters Decal (Left Side)





A name add-on is completely optional, but it does add a personal touch.  Available for to create for just one person, or as a piece for your whole family?  


Applying the Decal

Want to see how to complete the project before you buy?  View our tutorial here: Growth Chart Tutorial

We recommend applying the decals within 3 months of purchase.  As decals get older they can become harder to apply.