We are the proud designers of the original wood ruler growth chart, which has become more popular than we ever imagined.  We have inspired designers at Pottery Barn, Hobby Lobby and hundreds of others, however we still offer the highest quality growth chart kit to help you create an amazing growth chart of your own.


You can create the wood chart using this vinyl decal kit and you own wood, or the decal can be applied directly to the wall.  Find the DIY Kit here.

The kit includes:

1 vinyl decal - 7 feet long
Full application instructions

The decal is created in one piece fore easier application.

Decal Size:
2.5 inches wide (6.5 cm)
7 feet long (212 cm)
The decal is shown applied to a 6 foot board, but is actually 7 feet long so that it can be adjusted to your needs.

For an easy application, we recommend applying the decal within 3 months of purchase.

Instructions for prepping the wood for the Ruler Growth Chart

You will need:

One 1x8x6 pine board (1 inch thick, 8 inches wide, 6 feet long)

The board is called a 1x8 but the actual size is closer to 3/4 of an inch thick and 7 1/2 inches wide (wood sizes are weird that way).  The length should still be 6 feet long.  Most home improvement stores carry this size in stock, so there is no cutting involved.

To Finish the Board:

The edges can be sanded until smooth. The board can then be painted with a good interior paint or stain and allowed to dry for 2-4 days before applying the decal.

The board can also be finished with an oil such as Boiled Linseed Oil.  This will give it a finish while leaving the natural look of the wood.  Follow the directions on the can and use it sparingly - paint it on and then wipe off the excess.  This process will need to dry for 6-8 days before applying the decal.

Applying the Decal

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