If You Could Change Anything in Your Life What Would It Be?


If you could change anything in your life what would it be?

Tis the time of year for making goals, but how many of us actually keep up on them? Any idea what your resolutions were last year were? Are you making the same goals again? It might be time for a new approach?

Maybe this year, instead of setting a number of goals for the year, try setting just set one goal for 1 month. Learn a new skill , give something up, or try something new, but it only needs to be for a month. Chances for success are much better if we know we only have to do or do without something for 30 days. At that point it will most likely either be a habit we have grown to love or one that we know we are definitely ready to let go.

Various 30 day challenges can be found all over the internet but if you really want to change certain things in your own life, think about what those things are, create a list of goals that will help and get started on one this month.

Need some inspiration to get you started? Watch the Ted Talk -Try Something New for 30 Days- from Matt Cutts, a software engineer, who decided to make some new challenges in his life by trying a bunch of new things, but only one at a time and each one for only 30 days.

Share something you would like to do or change in the comments below.