3 Reasons to Make Family Chores a Team Effort

Make Family Chores Team Effort

In our family chore survey of over 100 families, the concept of teamwork kept coming up again and again for three main reasons.

Working as a team:

  1. Builds confidence and abilities in family members.

  2. Strengthens family relationships.

  3. Lightens the load for everyone.

If these are things your are striving for in your home, here are a few tips from families who answered our survey:

  • Make it possible for everyone to help out no matter the age or ability.

  • Switch the jobs up on a regular basis so everyone gets a chance to learn new things and no one is stuck always doing the same task.

  • Let kids help decide and plan how chores work. Give them a voice as a team member.

  • Work with kids, teaching them as you go and have fun together!!

  • Use a different term for family chores like: contributions, help wanted, team positions, missions, etc.

  • Use cool terms for team tasks like: Fridge Foreman (remove all unwanted items from the fridge), Menu Consultant (poll family members and create weekly menu), Detective (find missing items), Matching Master (folding socks), etc.