4 tips to keep chores fun and positive - Survey Results


In our survey of over 100 families, we asked about motivating yourself and family members to get the jobs done at home. It turns out that keeping chores fun and positive is pretty important to success.

When asked about what to do to encourage everyone to help out, our contributors had some great ideas.

72% offer something fun for a job well done. Family activity, go out for a treat, read a book, play a game, go for a family bike ride, watch your favorite show—well you get the idea.

My toddler is still too young to understand the concept of chores but I get him to help out in household domestic tasks like packing away his toys once he is finished, helping load and unload the washing machine, hanging out washing, emptying dishwasher etc. If he is reluctant or not in the mood I don’t force it but do reward with a fun activity or game afterwards. -Briny

44% use a family reward system - Family money, punch cards, items in a jar, etc. can all help kids work for a goal.

We use a token system with our 5 yo. Each thing he does earns him a 5 minutes token to play video games or watch TV, up to 1 hour a day. -Liz

They earn points & redeem them for a family weekend activity of their choice. -Christine

A family store has been a great way to motivate our kids to help out and also to work and save for things they want. When they ask for something, we offer to put it in the family store which helps them quickly decide if they want it bad enough to work for it. Advertisements posted around the house for current store items help keep them motivated and focused on their goals. Items in the store range from treats and toys to gift cards for outings with mom and dad and can be purchased with family money earned from doing household chores after they have taken care of their own personal care tasks for the day.


40% said music can make a simple task a whole lot more fun. Crank up some good tunes and watch the task at hand turn into a dance party or race to get done before the song ends.

Our twins are almost two and a half and they have a favorite Aha song from the 80’s that I will play for clean up time. Also, we do “quick books” where they pass a book to me fast and I put it on the shelf...any sort of race, fun song, or motivation for a sticker seems to work :) -Eleni

27% rely on the the all-around great motivator of real money.

Our kids have simple daily chores that we expect them to do without any sort of pay/allowance; however if they'd like to earn money, they can ask for extra chores. -Amanda

Others ideas include keep it fun, use positive rewards, let kids have some choice, and praise efforts not results.

We have a three year daughter, and she loves to help us! So we allow her to pitch in when she asks, and try to be patient as she try’s to navigate the chore. :) -Jessica

So go have some fun AND get stuff done!

Printable punch cards and family money can be found HERE.